motivate your child to clean their room

How to motivate your child to clean their room

Cleaning their room is the least enjoyable thing every kid can do. Generally, all the children hate home cleaning. As parents you should show them how to clean their rooms in the most effective, fast and, if possible, funny way. Here are some useful tricks that will help you involve your kids in the whole cleaning process.

  • Turn house cleaning into a game

Turn house cleaning into a game

As we know kids love games. Think of some games that will involve putting things away and cleaning. As you are playing, the room will be getting cleaner.

  • Divide the room

divide the room

Dividing the room into several sections will make it easier for kids to start cleaning. If they know that all of the room has to be cleaned, they are more likely not to start cleaning at all. However, if they have to clean only the bed or the wardrobe at first, it will be easier and more pleasant for them.

  • Help them start


If your kids don’t want to do this chore, you should start cleaning with them. This way you can show them the right way to do it and it will be funnier. They might need to be shown some things. Make sure they know you are there to help them.

  • Set an example


In order to involve your kids in home cleaning, you need to set a good example. Make sure that you have positive attitude towards cleaning and your kids will know that this domestic chore is something normal and should be done regularly.