Efficient Window Cleaning

A Guide to Efficient Window Cleaning

Your windows need attention just like everything else in your home. Sometimes they may even need more attention, especially if you want to be able to look through your windows without looking through a variety of smudges and stains. All it takes is some efficient window cleaning, and that takes much less than you think. If you think that it takes time and effort, then you are wrong – window cleaning takes mere dedication and readiness to do the job. These are three aspects of the job that you want to pay attention to, and it’s smooth sailing from there.

The Frequency of Cleaning

First of all, you need to know when to clean your windows. “Well, I know: when they’re dirty!” Well, yes, but you need to clean them regularly to keep them in top shape even if they are not obviously stained. The standard frequency of this type of cleaning is every month, but if you want to be meticulous, you can do it every three weeks or so.

The Tools

The Tools

This is where it gets easy. Do you know what tools you need to clean your windows? You actually have two options. One, a microfiber cloth. It takes little to no effort to use it and it can even be used without any cleaners. Or two, a newspaper. That’s right, you do not even have to spend money on window cleaning services. Simply squash a page and start rubbing with it towards cleaner windows.

The Cleaning Supplies


The different home cleaning chores require different supplies, right? Well, all you need to do a proper job with the windows is a simple all-purpose home cleaner solution made from a mixture of water, white vinegar, and a bit of lemon juice. Mix in a spray bottle, spray the windows, start scrubbing – it is really that simple.

As you can see, taking care of the windows does not take any special effort. It merely takes the desire to do it. If you take the time to gather the supplies and tools, and then spend five to ten minutes every few weeks, you will always have sparkling windows to bring in the fullness of daylight to your home.